〈1969〉Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Is founded
〈1972〉Factory in Tainan Jende is completed
〈1977〉TCM Herbal Extracts are introduced to the market
〈1988〉KP receives government approval for GMP license
〈1995〉International headquarters is established in the U.S.A.
〈2000〉KP Singapore Ltd. is established
〈2004〉KP Herbs Showrooms are opened
〈2006〉Biotanico Inc. in Southern Taiwan Science Park began construction
〈2008〉Passed ISO9001 international quality assurance
〈2008〉Approval of SBIR research fund from Ministry of Economic Affairs
〈2009〉Awarded Green Building award from the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior
〈2009〉Passed ISO17025 International Laboratory Accreditation
〈2009〉Certified Kosher by National Council of Young Israel, USA
〈2009〉GMP License and Governmental Certification
〈2010〉Passed Islamic Halal Accreditation
〈2010〉Certified USDA NOP Organic Processor, Quality Assurance International, USA
〈2010〉Approval of SBIR research fund from Ministry of Economic Affairs
〈2011〉cGMP certification from NSF, USA
〈2011〉GMP Certification from TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), Commonwealth Department of Health, Australia
〈2011〉Awarded excellent achievement from Technology Department of Ministry of Economic Affairs Division
〈2012〉Awarded Healthy Food Certification